Norand MONO

Fully featured unique analog synthesizer and powerful sequencer.

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Mono from Norand is an analog monosynth with a truly modern interface and a powerful set of features. Mono's core features include a pair of analog VCOs with continuously variable waveforms, a 3-pole multimode filter with continuously variable color and overdrive, hard-sync, thru-zero frequency modulation, an ADSR envelope, plus a dedicated envelope and modulator for each of the available parameters on the synth (whoa!). Moreover, Mono is equipped with a feature-rich sequencer that is capable of up to 64-step long patterns, per step parameter automation, per step probability, ratcheting, and microshifting. Each of the sequencer patterns can be assigned its own length, scale, and clock division. Paired with a generously large internal memory, this makes it possible to compose evolving pattern chains that are complex and engaging.

For an extra dose of inspiration (or just to spice up your workflow), Norand endowed Mono with a comprehensive Randomization section. The feature can be used creatively to randomize such elements as notes within a scale, parameters within a specified range, as well as probability, ratcheting, and microshifting per sequencer step.

The synthesizer is designed to easily integrate into any setup. This is expressed through a well-thought out I/O section, which includes a balanced main output, MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB B to connect to a host, a Gate, and two CV outs, Accent out, as well as Clock and Reset inputs.

While Mono is certainly capable of providing many things one would expect from an analog monosynth, it is designed to do much more than that, always ready to surprise while remaining soothingly intuitive to work with. Whether you crave a machine that is great for basslines, leads or perhaps even some glitched out percussion—Mono can do it all, and it does it really really well.

Features :

  • Analog monophonic synthesizer with a built-in powerful sequencer
  • Two VCOs with continuously variable waveforms, hard-sync, and thru-zero frequency modulation
  • Unique 3-pole multi-mode filter with continuously variable filter color, and overdrive
  • One main ADSR envelope
  • Thirteen AD envelopes, and twenty modulators—one for each parameter
  • Powerful sequencer with adjustable length/scale/beat-division per pattern, microshift/ratchet/probability/parameter automation per step, swing/slide/accent, and Mod Note mode
  • Large storage memory allows for hosting 32 projects, and 64 patterns with patch memory per project
  • Comprehensive Randomizer section allows you to spice up notes, sequenced steps, and synth parameters in a controlled way
  • Easily integrates with other gear via MIDI and CV I/O

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