Northern Light Modular Dual Multimode Filters – Model 2MF

4U Dual Multimode Filters.

€ 900,00
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2 clean 12dB/octave multimode filters self-oscillating cleanly across the audio range.
Dual mono or full stereo operation depending on the amount of inputs used.

2 CV-controlled overdrive circuits capable of wavefolding.

What makes it special is that options commonly presented as multiple choices like low-pass or high-pass and serial or parallel are presented here as a continuum, ready to be explored at the twist of a knob or with a CV.
The filter response is continuously variable between low-pass, band-pass and high-pass, and delivers intermediate shelving responses, for more nuanced spectral coloring.

A dual crossfader circuit allows the routing between the two filters to smoothly vary from single to parallel to series.

Besides the obvious filtering, 2MF can become much more with some clever routing
Dual distortion with spectral color control .. check
An oscillator mixer with crossfading, wavefolding, and enough filtering to clean up the mess .. check
A sine voice, using one filter as an oscillator, then distorting, folding it and filtering it with the second filter .. check

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