Olivella Modular GRAVEDAD

Analog semi-complex oscillator with through-zero FM, an F-A-T stereo sub-harmonic generator module for your eurorack synthesizer.

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Modular System, VCOs

GRAVEDAD (/grah-veh-dahd/, gravity) is a feature-packed, analog semi-complex oscillator with through-zero FM, an F-A-T stereo sub-harmonic generator, a voltage-controllable octave slider and excellent tracking up to 10 octaves, opening up a universe of sonic possibilities. 

At the heart of GRAVEDAD lies a super-stable triangle core VCO, featuring not only exceptional tracking and temperature compensation but also clean sine, sawtooth, and square wave outputs. 

With a range of 5 octaves and a dedicated CV input, the voltage-controllable octave slider it's accompanied by a bicolor LED for easy visual reference - great for ratio-based FM patching, allowing you to explore frequency relationships between oscillators more easily. 

MASS is a beefy subharmonic generator/suboscillator that can either track the main VCO or self-oscillate: 
• In TRCK mode it'll follow the core VCO's frequency, spanning from spike and sawtooth waves at the fundamental to undertones / subdivisions of it, all under CV control. 
• FREE mode turns it into a fully independent sawtooth oscillator, with 3-4 octaves of tracking at its CV attenuverter CCW position. 
The stereo outputs of MASS are then dynamically panned and further shaped by FORCE by means of its knob and CV input, going from clean/mono at 12 o'clock to full saturation on one side and silence on the opposite, and everything in between. 

The LIN FM input is not only normalled to MASS but also switchable between DC-coupled TZFM, AC-coupled TZFM, and traditional linear FM. All of this controlled by a "complex-oscillator" style FM INDEX circuit, featuring a dedicated knob and INDEX CV input with attenuverter. 

With its hard SYNC input, it can be triggered by rising edges or anything rising over +2V, including audio signals. 

Patching into M TRIG breaks all MASS' internal connections to both the main VCO and to its own self-oscillating feedback loop, allowing it to be triggered externally. Whether you need a VC clock divider, an attack-only envelope generator, a sub for an external oscillator, or a tool for any kind of signal generation, GRAVEDAD is your gateway to cosmic innovation. 

Features :

  • SSI2130 based triangle core VCO
  • Clean sine, saw and square outputs
  • 5-octave slider with bicolor LED and CV input
  • Stereo MASS suboscillator that can track the main VCO or self-oscillate, with its panning and saturation controlled by FORCE
  • TZFM modes switchable between DC, AC and traditional linear FM
  • MASS is normalled to the LIN FM input
  • FM INDEX knob and INDEX CV input
  • Hard SYNC
  • M TRIG allows for external triggering of MASS
  • Fully analog design
  • 12 HP
  • Depth: 32 mm
  • 2 mm anodized aluminium panel
  • Input impedances: 50 kΩ (V/OCT), all others 100 kΩ
  • Output impedance: 510 Ω
  • +12V: 110mA
  • -12V: 110mA
  • Reverse-polarity power protection 
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