Retrokits RK-008 70's Wood

Portable Multitrack MIDI Recorder.

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The RK-008 is our new portable Multitrack MIDI Recorder. Inspired by the legendary Alesis MMT-8 (what’s in a number) it features the same simple workflow: Redo recordings or overdub, stack parts, mixdown, …

It’s similar to recording audio but instead it records the MIDI core of your performance, allowing you to produce the sounds even after you’ve played your part.

And where back in the 80s you needed to stop the MMT8 performance for those nifty operations like quantisation/swing or the transposing of recorded parts, the RK-008 can do this in a non-destructive way while playing: You can just experiment or revert without having to stop and commit these changes to hear them on your performance.

Last but not least it pairs up perfectly with our RK-006 / RK-002 and can be that extra accompanying music brain to sketch musical ideas, add MIDI routing – or play on your side in a live hardware setup.
Features in short:

Easy recording of MIDI events – just the way you’ve played them. Notes, pitchbend, controllers, program changes,…  the works.

16 Songs with each 100 Parts. Each Part can contain 1 to 680 beats length of music or the RK008 can be set without tempo at all.

8 Tracks per Part, each able to record and play full 16 channels of MIDI. Unlike a sequencer, the RK-008 tracks do not have restrictions on polyphony or MIDI channel (unless you set them) – Each track can contain a complete multichannel song if you want.

Non-destructive Part Modifiers – Each part can be individually transposed, quantized, swinged, filtered or set to a different MIDI channel or even – to seperate RK-008 (or RK-006) outputs.

2x MIDI-In, 2x A MIDI-Out + Sync Out.TRS-A MIDI connectivity. Tracks are routable and also expandable via USB with our 12-port RK-006 USB Host/Interface.

A portable form factor (13x8x3cm / 5.1×3.1×1.1inch) with user-installable LiPo battery power (Type ‘Nokia BL-5C’) allows you to play with the RK-008 in any situation.

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