Ritual Electronics Altar II

Voltage controlled 3-pole, 18dB/octave state variable discrete filter for your eurorack.

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Modular System, Filters, VCOs

Altar is a voltage controlled 3-pole, 18dB/octave state variable discrete filter, now with a second input .

Crossfade smoothly between Band-pass, Low-pass & High-pass
Altar filter configuration can be smoothly crossfaded from BP to LP to HP. This unusual filter type arrangement brings out very nice harmonics and nuances. It is really suited for CV control. The CV input has an attenuverter.

Resonance is under voltage control with attenuverter as well allowing for great timbre modulations. It is particularly useful to create accent patterns à la 303 which boost the resonance a bit.

You can beef up the signal at Altar‘s input with the gain knob. It will distort the filter core for bigger sounds.

The filter tracks 1V/oct for 4-5 octaves and can turn into a very sweet sine oscillator. Try using it with Miasma as a waveshaper!
The newest revision features a second input and refined resonance and gain circuits

Features :


  • Gain control to distort the filter core
  • Color crossfading from band pass to low pass to high pass filters
  • Resonance
  • Frequency with 1V/Oct control
  • Dedicated attenuverters on Color, Resonance and Frequency CV

Technical characteristics

  • Entirely new design
  • All discrete filter core
  • 3-pole filter
  • 18dB/oct cut
  • 1V/Oct tracking calibration trimmer on the PCB, tracks up to 4-5 octaves
  • Current Draw : 35 mA +12V / 30 mA -12Deep : 25mm
  • 12 HP

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