Ritual Electronics Réseaux 1U

Réseaux is a dual, passive, bidirectional mixer & attenuator in 1U format.

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Modular System, 1U

Réseaux is based on the R2R ladder principle.
It is a bidirectional module meaning the inputs can be outputs and vice versa.
It has two main uses depending on the direction you are using the module.

When using Réseaux with one input and multiple outputs you have attenuated copies of the input. Great to send a signal around.
When using one output and multiple inputs you have a mixer with set levels.

One of the great uses of Réseaux is to turn a bunch of gates into stepped CVs. Pair it with Ruissellement and Division for an unconventional sequencing trio.

Features :

  • Passive mixer
  • Passive attenuator
  • Two identical sections
  • Current Draw : 0mA @ +12V / 0mA @ -12V / 0mA @ +5V
  • Deep : 12mm
  • 14hp
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