Roland Cloud JD-800 (download)

Authentic and accurate software recreation of the JD-800 in VST and AU format for your DAW.

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In 1991, Roland released the JD-800—a forward-thinking, digital synthesizer sporting a huge range of hands-on controls and a gleaming, complex sound. The instrument would soon find its way onto classic albums and numerous film and television scores, and it remains highly sought after to this day. Thanks to our advanced modeling engine that incorporates the original waveform data, you can now have the unique sound and experience of this vintage digital icon in a modern software instrument.

By the early ’90s, preset-driven digital synths with limited hands-on controls dominated the landscape. The JD-800 changed all that in 1991, bringing the synthesizer world back to its roots with a massive control-laden panel and an unapologetically electronic sound palette. With its player-focused workflow, evocative sounds, and powerful effects, the JD-800 was a favorite for top electronic music producers throughout the ’90s and beyond.

Using D-50-style waveforms with multimode resonant filters, the JD-800 took a different approach to other synthesizers of the day and offered a glimpse at the exciting future of hybrid synthesis. Each of its four layers is like a complete synthesizer in its own right, with flexible modulation routing and time-variant amp and filter envelopes. This unique architecture, complex tonality, and immediate hands-on experience has endeared the JD-800 to many hard-core synth fans over the years.

The JD-800 Software Synthesizer is painstakingly crafted to sound and behave exactly like the original hardware. Rather than simply a bunch of JD-800 samples, we used the original waveform data along with advanced modeling techniques to perfectly recreate the big, bright, spacious sound that only the JD-800 can deliver.

A key ingredient of the JD-800’s sound was its formidable multistage effects section. It’s been carefully recreated here and enhanced with an expanded view perfect for realtime tweaking. In addition to a master EQ, there are seven effects that can be rearranged via drag and drop to customize your signal flow. Choose from distortion/overdrive, enhancer, spectrum equalizer, phaser, chorus, triple-tap delay, and a selection of reverbs, each with multiple parameters that vastly change the sonic character.

Instantly create with the large sound selection, including 64 original presets from the JD-800 hardware that transport you straight back to the ’90s. There are also 64 new presets, expertly crafted to show how inspiring and evocative the JD-800 can be in a modern context. Or simply dive into the huge array of controls and create never-before-heard sounds that make your music stand out.

While the JD-800 sounds exactly like its vintage counterpart, it’s wrapped in a modern plug-in designed for today’s creative environments. The hyper-realistic interface is resizable for high-resolution screens, and VST3, AU and AAX formats ensure it works with your favorite DAW. While the sound is huge, it’s kind enough to your CPU to run multiple instances with lots of polyphony. And it natively supports Apple silicon for the highest level of performance on modern Macs.

Features :

  • Authentic and accurate software recreation of the renowned JD-800 in software form
  • Includes PCM waveforms from the original JD-800
  • Intricate sound design from four-part sound layering and two-stage effects section
  • Contains 64 presets from the original JD-800 and 64 newly designed presets from world-class sound designers
  • Chorus, phaser, enhancer, distortion, spectrum, delay, and reverb effects in two distinct stages for advanced tone shaping
  • Detailed, accurate interface with easy resizing and custom views
  • Expanded polyphony over the original vintage unit
  • VST3, AAX, and AU compatibility for flexible use in any DAW

Specifications :

System requirements :

  • Operating system:
    ◦ Mac:
    ▪ Mac OS 10.14, 10.15, 11
    ◦ Windows:
    ▪ Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit). Not compatible with Windows RT, Windows Phone or with virtual machines such as Hyper-V, Virtual PC or Boot Camp
  • Host application:
    ◦ Mac:
    ▪ VST instruments (VSTi) version: VST 3.6 compatible
    ▪ Audio Units (AU) version: V2 Audio Units compatible
    ▪ AAX Compatible
    ◦ Windows:
    ▪ VST instruments (VSTi) version: VST 3.6 compatible
    ▪ AAX Compatible
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or better / Apple M1 Chip
  • RAM: 2GB or more
  • Hard disk space: 150MB or more
  • Display resolution and colour:
    ◦ Mac: 1280 x 800 dots or higher, 16.7 million colours or more
    ◦ Windows: 1280 x 800 dots or higher, 24 bits Full Colour or more


  • You'll need Internet connectivity to activate this software.
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