Roland Cloud XV-5080 (download)

Perfect replica of the XV-5080 sound and behaviour in VST and AU format for your DAW.

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The patriarch of PCM synths, the XV-5080 is brimming with just about every instrument sound imaginable. With a huge selection of onboard effects and over 900 carefully crafted presets, producing with the XV-5080 plug-in is even more fast and fluid than the original hardware version, no matter the genre or style.

Building on the successes of the JV-1080 and JV-2080, the XV-5080’s fidelity and technological adaptability were unmatched at the time. Musicians and producers increasingly turned to the XV-5080 in place of slower and less convenient samplers. It was embraced heavily by composers and producers spanning a wide range of genres, making the rackmount XV-5080 an undisputed hit.

With over 900 presets in its library, the XV-5080 Software Synthesizer facilitates quick composition and fluid genre-hopping. From low-end theory to retro game sounds to symphonic masterpieces, this instrument is limited only by your imagination. And there are also some great modern touches that enhance the original:

  • Edit window with separate views for Structure, TVF, TVA, LFO, and other parameters
  • Hardware synthesizers like the Roland SYSTEM-8 can map to the XV-5080’s controls for an easy, tactile workflow

The XV-5080 Virtual Instrument also supports Plug-out format for extended operation with Roland hardware synths such as the System-8 or System-1. This seamless integration opens up a whole new world of available options and potential with your XV-5080 Virtual Instrument. Transfer sounds back and forth between the hardware and the software to carry your sounds with you anywhere you go and update your presets, get hands-on and interact with your XV-5080 as an instrument to use faders and sliders for automating and editing on the fly with real physical controls that don't require a computer.

Features :

  • 912 carefully crafted instruments in one incredible synth
  • Transcend musical boundaries with one of the largest selections of sounds available!
  • From guitar, drums, synths to exotic world instruments, the XV-5080 has you covered
  • Huge array of quality DSP effects to add excitement and movement to your music
  • Hardware integration and editing functions
  • The Swiss army knife of sample-based libraries
  • Perfect replica of the XV-5080 sound and behaviour
  • ACB (Analog Component Behaviour) modelling provides unrivalled accuracy
  • Modern appointments to suit the needs of the digital age such as Edit windows for different parameters
  • Seamless plug-out integration with System-8 for use without a computer

General :

  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 192 kHz
  • Memories per bank: 128 memories
  • Maximum Polyphony: 128 Voices
  • Parts: 1 Part
  • Tone memory type: 2 types (Patch/Rhythm Set)
  • Waves: 1083 waves
  • Effects:
    ◦ Multi-effects: 78
    ◦ Chorus: 3
    ◦ Reverb: 5
  • Plugin format:
    ◦ VSTi 2.4 (32 bits, 64 bits) * Windows only
    ◦ VSTi 3.6 (32 bits, 64 bits)
    ◦ AU
    ◦ AAX

System requirements :

  • Operating system:
    ◦ Mac:
    ▪ OS X 10.12
    ▪ OS X 10.13
    ▪ OS X 10.14
    ◦ Windows:
    ▪ Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 7 SP1
    ▪ Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 8.1
    ▪ Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 10
    ▪ Not compatible with Windows(R) RT, Windows(R) Phone, Virtual machines such as Hyper-V, Virtual PC, or Boot Camp.
  • Host application:
    ◦ Mac:
    ▪ VST instruments (VSTi) version: VST 3.6 compatible
    ▪ Audio units (AU) version: V2 Audio Units compatible
    ▪ AAX compatible
    ◦ Windows:
    ▪ VST instruments (VSTi) version: VST 2.4/3.6 compatible
    ▪ AAX compatible
  • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo or better
  • RAM: 2GB or more
  • Hard disk space: 700MB or more
  • Display resolution and colour:
    ◦ Mac: 1280 x 800 dots or higher, 16.7 million colors or more
    ◦ Windows: 1280 x 800 dots or higher, 24 bits Full Color or more


  • You'll need Internet connectivity to activate this software.
  • You'll need Adobe Reader (available free of charge) in order to read the online help.
  • The SYSTEM-8 driver must be installed on your computer to connect this software to the SYSTEM-8.
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