Roland Octapad SPD-20 PRO

Octa Percussion Pad.

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The Roland Octapad SPD-20 PRO is the revised version of the SPD-20, which is highly appreciated among percussionists. All the old familiar sounds are back on board and are supplemented by a collection of new sounds. In addition, there is an equalizer, compressor, five different room sounds (ambience) and a layering functionality with which up to four sounds can be placed on one of the eight rubber pads, as well as various options for editing the sound, for example, level, Pitch or decay. With over 900 instruments, there is a wide range of World Percussions to choose from, divided into 200 kits (100 User kits & 100 presets). Besides the high-quality samples for Asian, African, Latin and many other music styles from all over the world, classic drum kits are also available. Among them are high-quality acoustic sets and cymbal sounds from Roland's TD-27 sound module.

Effects and editing

Various possibilities to adjust the sounds of the SPD-20 PRO are available. In addition to the sensitivity, even the dynamic curve, minimum volume, decay time as well as compression and Equalizer can be adjusted per pad. Under Ambience, the room sound can also be individually adjusted. The options range from reverb type to PreDelay and duration of the Ambience effect. Crosstalk and Retrigger Cancel can be used to minimize false triggers and there are even parameters to choose from to assign rimshot or choke functionalities to additionally connected pads (not included).

Multiple connectivity & expansion options

To live up to its castor as a Percussion pad, the SPD-20 PRO has a variety of connections available. In addition to the obligatory MIDI IN & OUTs, there are two Output jacks for output in either mono or Stereo as well as a headphone jack. Inputs for Mix In and a USB memory port for saving sounds and settings help to get the SPD-20 PRO up and running quickly on stage. However, the four Dual trigger inputs open up a particularly high degree of flexibility, allowing the Octapad to be expanded as desired. Even the connection of two-zone cymbal pads or tom pads with rim function is possible. In addition, thanks to the separate hi-hat controller connection, it is possible to control a connected hi-hat pad as with an electronic drum set. Now connect a kick pad to one of the free Dual trigger inputs and the SPD-20 PRO is transformed into a powerful mini drum set. Of course, the unit is also compatible with the Roland PDS holding plate. 

Features :

  • Eight cushioned rubber pads
  • 900 instruments2
  • 00 drum & percussion kits (100 as presets)
  • Equalizer & compressor
  • Three effect engines with 38 multi-effects each
  • MIDI In and Out
  • LCD & LED screens
  • Four Dual trigger inputs
  • One input each for the foot switch and hi-hat controller
  • Kit Chain/Edit function
  • USB Memory
  • Compatible with PDS holding plates (not included) 
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