Serato Sample V2

High-quality production sample plugin

€ 149,00
Leverbaar binnen 3-5 werkdagen (afhankelijk van fabrikant)

Serato Sample is a high-quality production plugin that makes sampling fast, simple and fun.

Key features include the ability to quickly find, chop, key-shift and time-stretch samples, all with studio-grade sound using the power of Pitch ‘n Time. At its core, Serato Sample is a beatmaking tool designed to get your ideas out quick thanks to the intuitive, uninterrupted workflow. Serato Sample is integrated with Serato’s original production plugin, Pitch ‘n Time. Adding this technology allows producers to manipulate samples freely (like adjusting the BPM from 1, all the way up to 999), without losing audio quality.
Pitch ‘n Time is almost 20 years old and is still the industry standard for pitch-shifting and time-stretching. Sample comes with a bank of free Loopmasters sample packs, and in-depth tutorials.

Features :

  • Time-stretch samples to extreme values using the power of Serato Pitch 'n Time. It’s also easy to sync samples to your project.
  • Find the key and then shift it with the power of Pitch ‘n Time.
  • With one click Serato Sample’s algorithm finds 16 of the best samples to work with.
  • You can manipulate each pad individually. Mess around with key, bpm and more with pad parameters.
  • Play one sample across the full piano scale like a synth.
  • Trigger your Cue Points with monophonic playback like Serato DJ. Or you can use polyphonic playback o play chords and drum patterns.
  • Use Serato DJ's popular Cue Point workflow to quickly set and trigger pads.
  • Including Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro and Maschine. Sample will also work in other DAWs that support AU/VST* plugins.
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