Organismic Sequencer.

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Soma 's Ornament-8 is a sequencer with a completely different concept than most sequencers on the market. Created to interact with Soma's Pulsar-23 and Lyra-8 instruments (via sensor adapter), Ornament-8 is the creative control center between these instruments and even a Eurorack modular system. Without its own tempo source, this sequencer relies on an external clock like the LFO of Pulsar-23.

Instead of tracks, there are cells (eight in total) that generate switching states, control voltages and hold times. In order for the tracks to interact with each other and/or to cycle, the corresponding contacts are connected with alligator clip cables.

This explains the nickname "organismic sequencer"; in order for it to become a whole, it is necessary, as in nature, to connect individual elements together so that the sum of all elements forms a larger unit. How extensive this unit is, is up to the user.

Features :

  • Trigger Sequencer8 cells (tracks)
  • 8 outputs for Lyra-8 (with sensor adapter)
  • 8 outputs for Pulsar-23
  • 8 Eurorack/crocodile clip adapters
  • 4 pulse converters
  • Time range per cell 50 ms - 50 sec
  • Trigger polarity switchable per cell
  • Open "organism concept
  • Voltages are Eurorack compatible
  • incl. power supply
  • incl. 12X 65cm cable with crocodile clip
  • incl. 14X 30cm cable with crocodile clip
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