Single slot module of the legendary SPL Transient Designer for the 500 series.

€ 479,00
Leverbaar binnen 3-5 werkdagen (afhankelijk van fabrikant)
Studio Gear, API 500

With the SPL Transient Designer TDx the level-independent processing of signal paths is making headway into the world of 500 series rack modules. Working with the Transient Designer is very simple: Attacks can be amplified or attenuated and sustain may be prolonged or shortened. However, the possibilities for studio and live application are seemingly endless.

Technical foundation is SPL‘s Differential Envelope Technology (DET) which allows level-independent dynamic processing by calculating differences in generated envelopes. These envelopes are always tracking the curve of the original signal to provide optimal results in every moment of the music. So only two controls per channel are required to allow the user to completely reshape the attack and sustain characteristics of a sound.

Thanks to the new TDx feature MIX (parallel mix) you can continuously blend between the processed and the unprocessed signal. Thus, the range of functions is extended even further and with the three parameters ATTACK, SUSTAIN and MIX, which offer an intuitive operation, the options of designing transients reach a new dimension of great variety.

The processing may increase the level significantly and following units especially DA converters may clip when transients are boosted. The Output control allows you to adjust the level of the output signal. This ensures that following devices receive the optimal level.

Features :


  • Balanced
  • Impedance: 20kOhm
  • Max. Input level: +22 dBu


  • Balanced
  • Impedance : 150 Ohm
  • Max. Output Level: +22 dBu
  • Frequency Range: 10Hz -100kHz
  • Noise: -93 dBu (A-weighted)
  • Dynamic Range: 116 dB
  • CMRR: > -80 dBu
  • (at 1 kHz, 0 dBu input level, unity gain)
  • THD: 0,03%
  • (at 0 dBu input level, unity gain)
  • Housing: Single Slot 500er-Serie rack modul
  • Weight: 0,65 kg /1.43 lbs


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