Sugar Bytes Sugar Bundle

Sugar Bytes Sugar Bundle, 14 Instrument and Effect Plug-ins

€ 499,00
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The Sugar Bundle contains all current Sugar Bytes Products. Included are 14 Instrument/Effect Plug-ins that will boost your output!

Includes the following plug-ins :

  • Aparillo - 16-Voice FM Synthesizer for Cinematic Sound Design.
  • Factory - A versatile Poly Synth with a unique modulation-matrix and -sequencers.
  • Obscurium - Productive Synthesis Tool with VST Hosting & Generative Pitch engine.
  • Looperator - Loop Design Powerhouse. Rearrange your groove!
  • Effectrix - Professional Multi-Effect Sequencer with 14 expressive tools
  • WOW2 - Creative Multi Filter. That warm and juicy sound.
  • Turnado - Revolutionary Multi Effect for massive real-time audio manipulation.
  • Egoist - Load any audio file and squeeze the groove out of it!
  • Cyclop - Twisted Bass: Pure madness at the low end of the spectrum.
  • Guitarist - Expressive E-Guitar Emulation. Authentic riffs and sizzling amps.
  • Consequence - Chord Groovebox with MIDI Out and 800MBs of sounds
  • Thesys - Pitch Sequencer with vast MIDI out capabilities
  • Artillery2 - The Effect Keyboard. Do magic with your tracks!
  • Unique - Virtual Analogue Synth keen on vocals.
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