Supercritical Demon Core Oscillator

16-voice DCO based VCO module.

€ 490,00
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Modular System, VCOs

The Demon Core Oscillator is a 16-voice DCO based on classic keyboard synthesizers.

This module offers also a static detune spread and a CV controllable core stability feature similar to Sequential Synthesizers. It introduces VCO-like pitch drift and jitter, allowing the module to sound like 80’s polysynths.

With the help of the separately available expander, the module can be played polyphonically via MIDI.

Features :

  • 16 configurable voices (octave, stacks)
  • Saw and pulse waves with PWM ranging from 0-100%
  • Coarse tune for 6 octave range with half-step increments
  • Fine tune for ± half step range
  • A blinking tuning indicator for finding C note in every octave and A440 fine tuning
  • 1V/oct master pitch CV
  • Linear FM CV (±8V) with attenuator
  • Combined Spread / PWM CV (±8V) with offset function
  • Stability CV (±8V) with offset function
  • Trigger input for synchronizing the phases for all waves
  • Current Draw : 120mA +12V / 20mA -12V
  • Deep : 25mm
  • 12hp

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