Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field

A Worthy Successor to the Iconic OP-1 with over a 100 New Features.

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Louder, thinner and 100 times better.

introducing the all new OP–1 field. injected with more than a decade ofideas, refinements and improvements. just to mention a few: stereothroughout the whole signal chain, bluetooth midi, usb type-c, a newspeaker system with a passive driver for detailed, fat and loud sound,a massive 24 hour battery life, multiple tapes and recording formats,new great sounding reverb and the 'dimension' synth engine, an allglass, flush, high resolution display. we also meticulously reworked allgraphics, screen by screen. did we mention fm broadcasting?well, that's just some of the 100 new features

Reworked, Refined, Reborn.

think of OP–1 field as the natural continuation of its predecessor.updated with the latest technology, improved design and finely tuned with

professional musicians, recording artists and sound designers in mind.higher quality in all aspects, from its circuitry to connectivity and flexibility,it's tailor made for professionals in the field.

if it feels thinner. it is.

Teenage Engineering didn't want to alter the original OP–1 too much, because we think we got itmore or less right the first time; but by lowering the aluminium bodyaround the keyboard, the new OP–1 field feels lighter, thinner and more precise.with 2k molding we also managed to fit a dual 2.4 GHzantenna system inside the aluminium body.

The back is warm, velcro and bass.

Teenage Engineering added two soft velcro rings on the back for fastening covers and accessories.perhaps you want to stick your OP–1 field on top of your full size keyboard orslap it on a guitar? use the included adhesive looped back and start experimenting.on the right you'll find an additional passive loudspeaker for hugely improved bass. and for a ’no-more-cold-metal-on-your-lap’ experience, we enfoldedthe aluminum body in a warm, soft touch, hard cover.

New Features :

  • 'Field' colour palette
  • 24 hour battery life (increased from 16 hours)
  • Full UI overhaul
  • Sleek aluminium construction
  • 32-bit audio across the signal chain
  • Reinforced Glass hi-res flush display (with adjustable brightness)
  • Increased 256MB of onboard memory
  • Additional drum kit packs
  • Reverb effect: Mother
  • Synth engine: Dimension
  • Upgraded speaker (with passive radiator)
  • In-built FM radio transmission (with detailed country settings)
  • Receive and Transmit via an integrated FM antenna
  • Record with 8 swappable tapes
  • Four unique tape styles
  • MFI - iPhone USB MIDI and Audio Connectivity
  • Updated original patches
  • Twenty extra preset synth patches
  • More precise sample editing
  • Low-energy Bluetooth (for wireless MIDI)
  • Stereo drum sampler engine
  • Stereo synth sampler engine
  • 160+ minutes of sample storage
  • Stereo mixdown from drum and synth to stereo tape tracks
  • Enhanced drum envelope (with improved transient control)
  • Drum sample stacking
  • Stereo audio input processing
  • Upgraded tape looping
  • Headset microphone support via 4-pole audio jack
  • Fully configurable MIDI filtering
  • Dedicated volume setting per patch
  • Afterburner ground loop noise supressor
  • Dual BLE antennas offering better wireless operation
  • Enhanced in-built microphone
  • Tape name editor
  • Encoder click function
  • External velocity LFO
  • Up to 500 user patches
  • Adjustable pitch bend range
  • BLE advertising toggle, central for connecting controller and connection list view
  • Click to hold sequencer
  • Custom volume encoder (with hi-resolution) and custom MIDI settings for any connected equipment
  • Dual purpose USB type C connector
  • High-fidelity headphone output
  • More accurate tap tempo through better averaging
  • Hi-res accelerometer
  • Improved hi-res equaliser with better interpolation and input signal to LFO with smoother envelope
  • Extra random LFO target settings
  • Improved tombola simulation accuracy
  • More factory sequencer presets
  • Better line in signal quality
  • New keyboard module
  • New square and sawooth LFO shapes
  • Save sync and tempo parameters with tapes
  • Enhanced acoustic side shooting loudspeaker grill
  • USB audio/MIDI host
  • Stereo cluster synth engine
  • Stereo digital synth engine
  • Stereo FM synth engine
  • Stereo Phase synth engine
  • Stereo pulse synth engine
  • Stereo string synth engine
  • Stereo voltage synth engine
  • Stereo tape tracks
  • OB-4 compatibility with FM TX or wire
  • Wireless MIDI connectivity to TX-6 and OP-Z
  • USB Audio/MIDI connectivity to TX-6, OP-Z and OP-1
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