Teenage Engineering PO Modular System 16

Easy-to-build complete DIY modular sequencer system.

€ 175,00
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Teenage Engineering has introduced a wonderful new module into the sequencer canon—introducing the Pocket Operator Modular 16. A seemingly Serge TKB-inspired keyboard/sequencer hybrid, the PO Modular 16 Keyboard is a powerhouse of functionality built into a sprightly format. The Keyboard features 16 keys with individual tuning options, as well as outputs for GATE and CV. The sequencer's note values can be set through clocking, or you can play in your sequence via the keyboard. This makes the POmodular 16 a truly inspiring controller, perfect for controlling any of the other PO Modular series or any of your other Eurorack synths!

Features :

  • Easy-to-build DIY Kit
  • Keyboard/Sequencer combo
  • Compatible with Eurorack format modules

NOTE: This is for a DIY project and will require assembly.

Due to the nature of DIY projects, no returns allowed on kits that have been attempted to be assembled or with missing components.

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