Teenage Engineering PO Modular System 170

Easy-to-build complete DIY modular synthesizer system.

€ 355,00
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Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operator Modular 170 is an all-in-one synthesis environment perfect for those who are just starting their modular journey, or those looking to deepen their own practice. This system comes in a full kit that includes a set of modules and the enclosure to house them!

The 170's voice architecture is comprised of four modules: an oscillator, a filter, envelope generator, and a VCA. The oscillator module produces a pure square wave. It features three audio outputs, and inputs called Control, Key, and PWM. The Key input is set to 1V/Oct and perfect for creating classical tonal harmony, while the Control input provides a scaled CV control for pitch modulation effects. The PWM input is used for pulse width modulation, allowing for classic 1980s bass and lead sounds.

Next in our synth voice is the filter! The Filter module utilizes one audio input and three audio outputs, as well as two CV inputs. The 170's Envelope module features two CV outputs and an input for triggering the envelope. It acts as a traditional ADSR, with knob controls for each stage of the envelope. Our last strictly voice related module is the VCA, providing one audio input and two audio outputs.

The 170 also features two control modules as well. The first is an LFO with dedicated outputs for square and triangle waveshapes. The rate of the LFO's waveform cycle is controlled via a knob in the lower left corner of the module. Now we move onto the 170's Keyboard module. The Keyboard is a seemingly Serge TKB-inspired module: a keyboard/sequencer combo with physical input pattern programming as well as knobs for note adjustment. The module also has a run command, as well as CV inputs for resetting your sequence back to the first step.

The convergence of so much functionality serves to make the 170 a truly unique synthesis environment, and would make a wonderful addition to anyone's setup!

Features :

  • Easy-to-build DIY kit
  • Full modular synthesizer with 7 modules
  • One oscillator (Square wave)
  • One lowpass filter
  • One ADSR envelope generator
  • One VCA
  • One LFO
  • One POmodular 16 keyboard/sequencer
  • Includes step by step build instructions

NOTE: This is for a DIY project and will require assembly.

Due to the nature of DIY projects, no returns allowed on kits that have been attempted to be assembled or with missing components.

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