Tenderfoot Electronics FM-L

FM Radio Tuner module for your eurorack modular synthesizer.

€ 289,00
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Modular System, VCOs

FM-L is the new FM radio tuner module from Tenderfoot Electronics.

Harness the airwaves as you pull voices, sounds and music straight out of the ether and into your modular.

FM-L gives you a variety of ways to navigate through your location's FM radio broadcasts, skipping via frequency increments, or by skipping through the 40 non-volatile radio station save slots.

If you find a station you like, hit the encoder and mode button to save it into the memory to rediscover later!

Included with the module is a 75cm telescopic BNC antenna.

Features :

  • Current Draw : +12V: 76mA / -12V: 11mA
  • Depp: 35mm
  • 8HP
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