Tenderfoot Electronics OMFG

Oblique Multipurpose Function Generator module for your eurorack modular synthesizer.

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OMFG is a new, 16HP, 4-channel function generator & slew limiter.

Sending a trigger or gate to the 'EG' input, each channel can be used as an A/R or A/S/R envelope generator with a switchable linear or logarithmic response.

In addition to this, sending any signal into the 'IN' input will allow you to affect its slew-rate.
This opens up the ability to add glide to 1V/oct or modulation signals/gates, and even to use each channel as a basic audio filter/VCA!

Each channel has a separate 3-position mode switch to choose between a single-fire envelope, looping envelope (unipolar LFO), or cascading 'quadrature' mode where the channel is triggered by the end-of-cycle output of the previous channel.

The output of every channel has an attenuverter, allowing for attenuation and inversion of the signal.

The threshold voltage for the activation of the EOC (end of cycle) outputs is controlled universally by the 'TH' dial at the top of the module. This allows an additional level of fine-tuning to the looping and quadrature functions.

IN ADDITION TO ALL OF THIS OMFG ships with an included 4HP CV expansion module, giving CV control of the rise and fall of each channel (an increase in voltage increases the attack or decay time), with a combined rise+fall input for each channel (an increase in voltage here reduces the attack and decay times (increasing the frequency)). This opens up the module for even more uses, for example, as a basic triangle/sawtooth VCO or VCLFO (unipolar), and for easy creation of bouncing-ball style patches.

Min A/R Length
Attack: 232μs (0.232ms)
Decay: 750μs (0.750ms)
Max A/RLength
Attack: 48 seconds (without external CV)
Decay: 57 seconds (without external CV)
Max frequency of looping envelope:
600Hz(without external CV)
1000Hz(with external CV input)
Min frequency of looping envelope:
0.0095Hz(without external CV) (105 seconds per period)
Max envelope Voltage:

Features :

  • Current Draw : 126 mA +12V / 110 mA -12V
  • Deep : 35mm
  • 16HP
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