Tenderfoot Electronics Quad Quantizer 2

Quad Quantizer module for your eurorack modular synthesizer.

€ 345,00
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A complete overhaul of the popular Tenderfoot Quad Quantizer module, now featuring an easy-to-read OLED menu, and illuminated buttons for quick scale editing.


  • 4 Quantizer channels handling CV from -3V to +7V.
  • All Channels output both quantized CV and trigger signals.
  • CV input can be read continually or triggered by the trigger input of each channel.
  • 42 built-in scales to choose from via the OLED menu system.
  • 12 illuminated buttons to program and change scales quickly on the fly.
Each of the 4 channels can be assigned to one of 4 currently active scales, meaning all channels can follow a single scale, or each channel can follow a different scale
Fast and clear user interface to make the QQ2 great to use for live performance and recording.
  • 2 assignable mod channels that can control octave, pre-quantization CV transposition, post-quantization CV transposition (Key changing), and scale assignment.
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