Tenderfoot Electronics S&H

Dual Sample/Track & Hold module for your eurorack modular synthesizer.

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S&H is a simple-to-use, compact, and capable dual analog sample & hold module with individual switchable sample & hold, or track & hold modes for both channels.

Use it for any kind of modulation for all of your sample and hold needs.

Use it on filter cutoff, VCO pitch, VCA amplitude, or whatever else you want to add some variation to.

Each channel has a separate on-board white noise generator, and can accept external signals for sampling.

Inputs are limited to between -6V and +10V, with each channel having an input attenuator to really dial in your modulation level.

Since this module is a compact analog sample & hold, voltage droop can vary from unit to unit, and can be affected by humidity and other environmental factors. In our relatively humid Taiwanese test facility, we have measured an average droop of 0.025V per minute, which in our opinion is stable enough for most pitch CV sampling purposes.

Features :

  • Current Draw : ????
  • Deep : 26mm
  • 4HP
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