Tenderfoot Electronics TZVCA

4-channel four-quadrant mixing VCA module for your eurorack modular synthesizer.

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Modular System, VCAs, Mixers

The TZVCA is a 4-channel four-quadrant mixing VCA module by Tenderfoot

Electronics—a true powerhouse of sonic exploration!

Each of the four channels boasts an array of features.

Unleash your sonic wizardry with the switchable standard or thru-zero (four-quadrant) mode, offering you a world of possibilities for modulating, manipulating, and inverting your audio and CV signals. A four-quadrant VCA allows you to use each channel as a CV-controlled attenuverter, and when used for audio signals it can become a ring modulator.

Each channel also features a dial to choose between exponential or linear response, exploring the full spectrum of sounds in between.

The master mix output combines all channels not utilizing their individual outputs. This master mix output offers an incredibly convenient way to blend and merge your audio or CV, creating complex and captivating soundscapes. Additionally, TZVCA grants you two other outputs, one blending channels 1 and 2, and the other for channels 3 and 4.
In addition to all of these features, multiple TZVCA modules can be chained together via a ribbon cable on the back of the circuit board. With the ability to link these modules seamlessly, you can increase the number of channels at your disposal for mixing, modulation, and CV manipulation.

Whether you're a seasoned sound designer, a modular synth enthusiast, or an adventurous sonic explorer, the 4-Channel Thru-Zero Mixing VCA Eurorack Module by Tenderfoot Electronics is the ultimate tool to unlock the full potential of your sound palette. Prepare to embark on a sonic journey like no other, where your imagination knows no bounds. Step into the future of audio manipulation—step into the world of Tenderfoot Electronics.

Features :

  • Current Draw : 115 mA +12V / 110 mA -12V
  • Deep : 22mm
  • 20HP
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