Buchla & Tiptop Audio 257t

The revival of the Buchla 200-series 257 in Eurorack format.

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With an outstanding collection of vintage-style modules, Tiptop Audio presents their Buchla Model 257t Dual Voltage Processor, a faithful recreation of a classic CV processor. This collaboration with Buchla to revive some of their 200-series for the Eurorack community brings forth tons of well-known players, and the 257t brings with it the same magic as its predecessor. Offering two channels of three different tools for processing your voltages, the 257t works great as a source of voltage, a fantastic sculpting device, and even a unique performance tool.

If that sounds complex (and if the equation-like notations on the panel seem intimidating), don't fret: 257t is essentially divided into two sections (top and bottom), each which contain three basic voltage processing functions: an attuverter, a CV-controllable crossfader, and an offset generator. Each of these three processes is summed together, allowing for a wide range of utility voltage processing functions.

The leftmost tool showcases an attenuverter for scaling and inverting external CV. The middle tool is a voltage-controllable crossfader optimized for use mixing control voltages. It allows you to proportionally balance between two CV signals and even to adjust the proportional balance with an incoming control voltage. When using only one input, you can use the CV input like a crude form of VCA.

Additionally, the left channel of the crossfader offers a button to internally connect a +5V offset signal—allowing a simplified and peculiar means of signal scaling/inversion when modulating the crossfader.
The final and rightmost tool is a simple yet highly tunable 10V offset, great for bringing negative signals into the positive domain or even balancing what voltage range you want your signal to affect.

All three tools are summed at the very end for a highly definable output, and with of these triple processors at your disposal, you can double the complexity by routing your first to the second. An easy must-have for any Buchla or modular enthusiast, the Tiptop Audio Buchla Model 257t Dual Voltage Processor brings a monstrous amount of control to your Eurorack system.

Features :

  • Dual voltage processor module
  • Eurorack revival of the Buchla 200-series 257
  • Two identical channels to introduce, control, and modulate voltage
  • Left section introduces an attenuverter that can dial in control voltage positively or negatively
  • Middle section adds and mixes between two inputs, acting like a crude CV crossfader/VCA
  • The second input can be an offset of 5V to balance against
  • Right section features a voltage offset up to 10V
  • Final output voltage is a summation of all the three voltage processors
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