Pepperdecks Tuna Knobs 6 pack

Pepperdecks Tuna Knobs 6 pack.

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Tuna knobs are control knobs that stick to any touchscreen and let you control DJ and music making apps like you would with dedicated music hardware. Tuna Knobs are designed to give you the tactile precision you need when making music, while giving you the versatility of mobile applications.

Tuna Knobs are basically a stylus in the shape of knob, with a small axis in the middle and a suction cup on the bottom. Made to control (music) apps with virtual knobs on every touchscreen device. 

So Tuna Knobs stick to your touchscreen using a micro suction cup and translate a turning movement to a touch command. Simply stick them on your screen and you are ready to start twiddling away. Tuna Knobs use conductive rubber to translate turning a knobs into the right signal for your touchscreen, not dissimilar to how a stylus works.

Tuna knobs are tested on an iPad and we know they work with the apps below.


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