Universal Audio Astra Modulation Machine

Analogue Modulation Effect Pedal

€ 439,00
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The UAFX Astra Modulation Machine is an Analogue Effect Pedal, modelled on Vintage Hardware Units. Available is a Chorus Brigade Mode for various Chorus and Vibrato Effects in classic Bucket-Brigade style as well as a Flanger/DBR Mode that evokes the sounds of famous studio Flanger Units and covers a wide sonic field from Lo-Fi Flanger Sounds to wacky sci-fi sounds.

Fans of Classic Tremolos, on the other hand, will delight in the Trem 65 Mode with a coveted Opto Tube with Sine and Square Modulation. Each Selected effect has controls for Speed, Effect Depth and Intensity and additional Shade and Shape Controls for fine-tuning. For individual placement in existing Effect Set-Ups, the Astra Modulation Machine can also switch between True and Buffered Bypass for full control over the Signal Path at all times.

The authentic Brush Metal Finish and Control Layout provide a clear view of the Settings whilst remaining true to the design of the original Hardware Units.

Features :

  • Analogue Modulation Effect Pedal

  • Speed/Depth/Intensity/Shade/Shape/Mode Controls
  • 3-Way Modulation Type Selector Switch (Chorus Brigade, Flanger DBR & Trem 65)

  • 2-Way Mode per Basic Effect Selector Switch
  • Pre-Set Footswitch
  • Stereo Inputs/Outputs
  • Spill-Over & Trails Functions
  • Store Function for Pre-Sets
  • 9V DC Adaptor Powered (Not Included)
  • Finish: Brush Metal & Cream
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