Universal Audio Golden Reverberator

Tube-Driven Effect Pedal

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Golden Reverberator is a Tube-Driven Effect Pedal which uses a powerful UAFX Engine to produce Vintage Spring Reverbs. This Pedal has 3x Reverb Types; a '65 Spring Reverb with 3x Tanks, a Plate Reverb with selectable Studio Plates and a Setting for different Room Sizes.

All sounds of the Golden Reverberator can be controlled and fine-tuned via Controls for Decay and Pre-Delay, whilst the Mix Control determines the Effect portion of the outgoing Signal.

In addition, a 2-Band Equalizer for Bass and Treble is present, alongside a Mod Control for versatile Modulation options. In order to be prepared for any application, the Golden Reverberator offers optional Spill-Over and Trail Functions as well as a switchable True or Buffered Bypass, so that the Pedal can be used at any point of the Signal Chain without any problems.

The authentic Brush Metal Finish and Control Layout provide a clear view of the Settings whilst remaining true to the design of the original Hardware Units.

Features :

  • Tube-Driven Echo/Delay Effect Pedal
  • Decay/Pre-Delay/Mix/Bass/Treble/Mod Controls
  • 3-Way Reverb Type Selector Switch (Spring 65, Plate 140 & Hall 224)
  • 3-Way Mode per Basic Effect Selector Switch
  • 2-Band EQ
  • Pre-Set Footswitch
  • Stereo Inputs/Outputs
  • Spill-Over & Trails Functions
  • Store Function for Pre-Sets
  • 9V DC Adaptor Powered (Not Included)
  • Finish: Brush Metal & Gold

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