Universal Audio Starlight Echo Station

Analogue Echo/Delay Effect Pedal.

€ 439,00
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Starlight Echo Station is an Analogue Effect Pedal which uses a powerful UAFX Engine to produce rhythmically Pulsating Echo and Delay Effects.

The 3x Effect Types (Tape EP-III for tape echoes with different timbres, the Analog DMM Effect with 3x different Modulation Modes and Precision with extensive Sound Tuning Options) are used for this purpose.

The selected Effects can also be adapted to any application via Controls for Delay, Feedback, Colour and Mix, whilst the Mod Control provides additional Modulation Options.

The Pre-Set Control of the Starlight Echo Station also acts as a Tap-Tempo Footswitch, which is divided into Quarters, Eighths, Dotted Eighths, Triplets and other Subdivisions via the Division Control. All sound creations can be easily saved using the Store Function and recalled at any time.

The authentic Brush Metal Finish and Control Layout provide a clear view of the Settings whilst remaining true to the design of the original Hardware Units.

Features :

  • Analogue Echo/Delay Effect Pedal

  • Delay/Feedback/Mix/Division/Colour/Mod Controls
  • 3-Way Effect Type Selector Switch (Tape EP-III, Analog DMM & Precision)
  • 3-Way Mode per Basic Effect Selector Switch
  • 6x Tempo Division Types
  • Pre-Set/Tap-Tempo Footswitch
  • Stereo Inputs/Outputs
  • Spill-Over & Trails Functions
  • Store Function for Pre-Sets
  • 9V DC Adaptor Powered (Not Included)
  • Finish: Brush Metal & Black
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