Yamaha PLG150-PC

Plug-in board for Yamaha synths

€ 250,00
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The popularity of Latin music is growing, and spreading its influence to all genres of music. To satisfy the demand for highly expressive, authentic Latin percussion voices, Yamaha carefully selected the very best sounds from Q UP Arts' award-winning LATIN GROOVE FACTORY sample library and put them into a single dedicated plug-in board. The PLG150-PC gives you a total of 80 percussion kits, including Salsa, Samba, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian kits, all sampled with pristine fidelity.Reverb and Insertion effects are also provided, as well as voice editing software that allows you to tweak individual voices and create your own percussion kits right on your PC. And because it adds 32 notes of polyphony to the synthesizer in which it's installed, you can create complex rhythms without taking valuable polyphony away from other instruments.LATIN GROOVE FACTORY is a trademark of Q UP Arts.

Part of Yamaha's Modular Synthesis Plug-in System (PLG)
a revolutionary expansion system that adds a COMPLETE SYNTHESIZER or SOUND PROCESSING ENGINE to any Modular-Synthesis-Plug-in- compatible synthesizer, including:Yamaha SW1000XG, MOTIF, MOTIF ES, MOTIF Rack, S90, S80, CS6X, CS6R, PSR-9000 Pro and MU128

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